Effective Training and Support for Discipline Stewards in the Police Service

‘Our members who find themselves the subject of Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigations deserve the best representation possible. The training provided by UNISON is sufficient for the provision of basic skills for the purposes of representation in a discipline process. For Staff who may find themselves the subject of a Professional Standards Interview where […]

Privatisation and Outsourcing of Police Staff Roles

Conference is asked to show its support to our colleagues who are losing status and jobs, and who are having their terms and conditions undermined and removed by privatisation and collaboration, and requests leadership, advice and guidance from the Service Group Executive. By working together we can protect jobs and the service to the community. […]

Arrangements for the new Service Group

Conference welcomes Probation and Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (CAFCAS) members into the Service Group and hopes they will enjoy similar success to that of Police Staff. Now that Police staff will be Sector based and not a Service Group in our own right, it is it important to ensure that any outstanding […]

No to Privatisation, No to Outsourcing of our Jobs:

Conference is extremely concerned that our employers (Police Authorities) are using buzz words such as ‘Partnership and Shared Services` to hide their true intentions of creeping privatisation and outsourcing. We welcome the Briefing for police branches on the “South West One” shared services outsourcing project involving Avon & Somerset Police. Were in the midst of […]

Health & Safety of Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s)

Conference is concerned that our PCSO members are increasingly being used to fill gaps in front line policing. As a result of this, they are deployed to confrontational situations, and because they are not equipped accordingly, they face ever increasing risks to their health and safety. it is evident that our members are being directed […]

Sickness Absence

This conference is concerned that a two tier sickness absence policy is being operated within the Police Service. Time and time again, police officers enjoy terms and conditions that are far superior to those of police support staff. The Home Office is always telling the general public that all staff within the Police Service are […]


Conference notes that around 20,000 pensioners die every year from cold-related illnesses, with 90% of excess winter deaths affecting the over 65s. To help combat this, 2.9 million pensioners receive winter fuel payments, currently worth £250 for over 60s or £400 for over 80s. Conference will be aware that UNISON believes the current winter fuel […]


A report “One Voice: Shaping Our Ageing Society” was launched on 7 April by Age Concern and Help the Aged to mark the formation of their new charity. The report examined the issues facing older people in the UK, such as poverty, age discrimination, isolation and lack of care and support. The report claims that […]


Conference believes that nothing represents more potently the way in which our society values its elderly citizens than home – or domiciliary – care services. They are the point at which the state – literally – enters the private household to ensure the well-being and health of its most vulnerable citizens. However, councils are faced […]


Conference notes that UNISON has been represented on the National Advisory Group for the Review of Age Discrimination in Health and Social Care which is due to report to the Secretary of State for Health in October 2009. Conference further notes that the Review’s objectives are to recommend: i.The timetable by which health and adult […]


This Conference applauds UNISON for its policies of equality and inclusion for all its members. Retired members are a valuable resource and it should be recognised that many of our number are still able, active and proud to be a vital part of UNISON. However, with the future growth of retired members due to the […]


This Conference recognises the fact that recently a number of cases regarding assisted suicide have had a high profile in the UK media, and it is now time that a serious debate on this extremely sensitive subject be brought into the public arena. The tragic circumstances that both a patient and their loved ones face […]

Equipping Staff with Skills

Conference notes that there is a distinct lack of training for Police Staff in operational roles within Police Forces across the country. New staff often have no formal training and are expected to shadow a more experienced staff member until the trainer feels the trainee is competent. No nationally agreed training manuals are available and […]


This Conference welcomes the initiative by UNISON in October 2008 in selecting twelve local branches for the initial step in setting up ‘Virtual Branches’ on the internet. This will make it easier for members to make their voices heard, get help, advice and become involved in their branch. This is especially important when retired members […]

Improving self organisation in Police Staff Branches

Conference believes that equality is fundamental and that women, black, disabled, Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and young members may face particular barriers in the workplace and in getting involved in the union. Indeed many members may face multiple barriers. Conference notes that the police service has had problems in achieving Government recruitment targets […]