Volunteers in the Police Service

Tayside Police, like many other Forces throughout the UK are currently conducting reviews of efficiency savings. Our own ‘Transforming Tayside’ is effectively a Best Value Review of the business. This BVR highlighted in January 2010 the issue of other Forces utilising volunteers in expanding engagement with the community such as Nottinghamshire and North Yorkshire. Whilst […]

Right to Private life

As private citizens, our Police Staff members have a right to privacy, that right is fast being eroded by intrusive policies within the Police Service. Police Staff employees deserve the right to a private life and no legislation exists as it does for Police Officers which places restrictions on their private life. It is accepted […]


After the disastrous results which saw the BNP pick up two European parliament seats, there is not doubt that the feeling of the British public has been widely expressed throughout the political process during the Council and European elections. They have delivered damning verdict the Labour government’s proposals to impose a National Identification card to […]


This conference is aware that Apprenticeship schemes are limited and would like to encourage Young Black Workers to have better access to information on apprenticeship schemes. Conference is concerned about the low numbers of young Black workers that have successfully completed Apprenticeship schemes. Conference therefore calls upon the National Black Members’ Committee to work with […]