Austerity and devolution

In Motion 106 carried at the 2011 National Delegate Conference we called on UNISON to develop a powerful campaign of strategic political action, strategic industrial action, strategic legal challenge and direct action by local communities to create the widest possible engagement of the people in response to the UK government’s attack on the welfare state […]

Police and Crime Commissioners

In November 2012 elections will take place to elect Police and Crime Commissioners. These individuals will replace the existing Police Authorities in the counties they represent. So far, little has been publicised about this election process, so few of the electorate, including many of our members are aware of it. Whilst this change will impact […]

Rule I Disciplinary Action

Delete Rule I.3 and replace with: “I.3 The National Executive Council shall have the power to exclude or expel, as the case may be, from membership of UNISON any individual who gives encouragement to, or participates in the activities of, or is a member of, a political party or organisation whose constitution, aims or objectives […]

Rule K Conditions

Rule K 6 After “fails to pay contributions”, insert: “at the correct rate as set out in Schedule A,”

Rule C Becoming a Member

Rule C 5.2 Delete existing rule and replace with: “5.2 A member of a political party or organisation, whose constitution, aims or objectives is/are expressly or impliedly contrary to the equality objectives of UNISON set out in Rules A.3 and/or B1.2 and/or B1.3 of the UNISON Rule Book, shall not be eligible for membership of […]

Rule C Obligations of Membership

Rule C.6.4 After “is paid to the Union”, and before “on the date on which it is due” insert: “,at the correct rate as set out in Schedule A, and”

Local Government services

Conference is fundamentally opposed to the sustained attack on public services resulting from the savage cuts to local government funding being inflicted over 5 years by the ideologically driven Tory led government. These drastic cuts in spending fail to recognize the need of the country to grow our way out of recession and are devastating […]

Tamil Solidarity

On 18 May 2009, the Sri Lankan government declared victory after nearly 30 years of war against the Tamil-speaking people in the north and east of Sri Lanka. In the final months of that conflict, more than 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed. In the immediate aftermath of the war, hundreds of thousands were rounded up […]

The Welfare Bill and attacks on housing benefit

Conference notes that the housing benefit changes outlined in the Westminster government’s Welfare Bill will have a devastating effect on many people, including some UNISON members, throughout the UK. The welfare bill proposals, drafted as part of a drive to reduce welfare costs, will leave many people at risk of being driven into debt, falling […]

Bullying in the workplace

Public sector cuts have had an unprecedented impact on women, with increasing numbers accepting redundancy and voluntary early severance. Those women who remain in the workplace are experiencing an increase in bullying behaviour as work pressures mount; unrealistic deadlines are set; performance expectations raised unreasonably and fears and uncertainties about individuals positions increase. Vulnerable clients […]

Campaigning for a living wage

UNISON continues to support the campaign for a living wage recognising that the National Minimum Wage is not sufficient and that the living wage takes into account the real cost of living and is independently calculated. In London the London Living Wage is set annually by the Greater London Authority (the current hourly rate is […]

North South divide – the disproportionate impact of government cuts

The North East economy was growing at the same rate as London until 2009. Until 2008 there was an increase of over 11.2% in the number of North East residents in work, against a national average of 9.2%. Compare this to where we are now with an unemployment figure of 12% the highest in the […]

Young, gifted, Black and unemployed

Conference believes that the level of unemployment amongst young Black people in the UK is a disaster. The current economic crisis has had a severe effect on the livelihoods and futures of Black workers, especially young Black workers. Research has shown that since the recession started, an alarming 48% of young Black people are currently […]

Cuts and the Black member experience

Black members are on the brink of economic meltdown from the coalition governments’ cuts, scapegoating and hypocrisy. The cuts to public services have directly affected Black members and the most vulnerable in our society, creating anger and a real sense of injustice. Conference is deeply concerned that despite over 40 years of anti-racism legislation, Black […]

Defeating the ConDems – a union strategy

The public sector cuts and job losses are not just a response to the economic conditions facing the country. They are a sustained ideological attack on public services driven by a right wing Tory Party who have pulled their Liberal Democrat collaborators into supporting them in the ConDem Coalition. These cuts are an attempt by […]