The Economy

Conference remains concerned that, despite the relative health of the UK economy compared to other industrialised countries, there are still enormous imbalances between the health of the private services sector and the decline of manufacturing, between regions and between the rich and the poor. There is also a vulnerability to the collapse of a debt-financed […]

PFI – Retention of Employment Model

Improving the Quality of Support Given to Members

Health and Safety

Conference condemns the UK Government for not having met a number of commitments made in respect of health and safety legislation and demands action now. Having consulted broadly in 1999, and before, on what actions would secure safer and healthier workplaces, the Government’s Revitalising Health and Safety initiative has derailed and needs revitalising itself. Conference […]

Young Workers Better Off in UNISON

Conference believes that young workers join a trade union for the same reason as every other worker, regardless of age, for the work-based benefits membership brings. For too long sections of the trade union movement have stuck to the outdated view that a whole generation of workers is ideologically opposed to joining a union. This […]

Branch, Steward and Workplace Organisation

Conference notes and welcomes the progress made in implementing the organising agenda into mainstream UNISON activity whilst recognising, as with any medium term objective, much remains to be achieved. Conference further notes the tangible benefits of this policy include: 1)contributing to the annual increase in membership over the past four years; 2)helping to substantially boost […]

Political Fund Review

Conference approves the recommendations contained in the National Executive Council’s report on the Political Fund Review: 1)the current political fund arrangements offering choice between the General Political Fund (GPF) and the Affiliated Political Fund (APF) should be retained. Alternatives, which remove this choice or introduce a third fund, should be rejected. 2)a new set of […]

Tackling Racism, Promoting Equality

Conference believes that the politics of the fascists pose a serious threat to our democratic values. The incitement to racism and racial violence by the British National Party (BNP) has alarmed the vast majority of people who are not racist. It is essential to continue to oppose all attempts to use the politics of racial […]


The UK Government has committed to a course of privatisation of public services and the Treasury has also exerted pressure on devolved governments to follow suit. As a consequence the future of public services, our members who deliver them and the public who need them is in serious jeopardy. Conference notes that UNISON has been […]

Right to Care Campaign

In November 2001, UNISON, with a number of other organisations, launched the Right to Care Campaign. The aims of the Campaign are as follows: 1)that the Government must introduce personal and nursing care that is free at the point of use and funded from general taxation; 2)that this care should be the entitlement of everyone, […]

Fair Pensions for All

Conference notes that members of the House of Commons have agreed to amend their pension scheme and among the changes are benefits for surviving unmarried partners albeit the benefits have only been extended by requiring an increase in contributions. UNISON has campaigned for a similar extension of benefits in the public service pension schemes where […]

Prostate Cancer

Conference is concerned about the increase in prostate cancer every year and demands that prostate screening should be made available to men of all ages and that representations be made through all appropriate channels as a matter of urgency. In addition UNISON should arrange for appropriate materials to be distributed to UNISON branches to highlight […]

The European Union

Conference notes the grievous consequences of the European Union’s Stability Pact and the Maastricht Treaty convergence terms for unemployment, reduced public spending and deepening economic recession across the Eurozone, and congratulates the National Executive Council for its leading role in the developing labour movement campaign against British membership of the euro. Conference also notes the […]

Charter for Workers’ Rights

Conference deplores the continuing violation of international laws by the UK Government and regrets the fact that the UK framework of trade union rights was once again condemned by the International Labour Organisation in June 2002 and by the European Court of Human Rights in July 2002. UNISON believes that without an effective voice through […]

A Vision for Education

The issue and challenges facing the UK’s education system continue to be of concern to this union. Whilst Conference acknowledges the promise of more money for the education system as a whole, too many of our children are still failing to reach their full potential. Participation rates beyond 16 are marked by social inequality. Years […]