Pay Day ideas

Here’s some ideas to help you plan some activity in your workplace or locally with the public to engage them on the issue of pay.

We urge you to get the serious messages about pay across to members and the public, but often you will find that more people will stop and listen if they can have a bit of fun at the same time.

These ideas aim to get you started, we don’t expect you to do everything here. We are also keen to hear your plans so that we can share them with colleagues in other branches, so please do send them in to

Order our Pay Up Now leaflets, posters, t-shirts and more

You can order leaflets, posters, t-shirts, badges and more from the Pay Up Now section of our online catalogue.

You could then hold a stall so you can talk to members and other colleagues about their pay.


Get baking for pay

Delicious treats always go down well so why not bake some money related cakes?

Here are some links to recipes the bakers among you might want to try:

Run a pay quiz

We’ve provided the questions and answers. And as a bit of fun get people to fill in the box at the bottom to be entered into a pay up now prize draw. Vouchers make good prizes.

Get a bag of groceries, ask members to guess how much they cost. Winner gets the groceries.  And you might want to throw in a UNISON pay up now t shirt for the two runners up. All you need from them is a name, email address and their guess, then you can contact the winner at the end of the pay day.

Or instead of groceries you could get a large bucket, bowl or jar and fill it with chocolate coins. Get members and visitors to guess the number of coins– winner gets the chocolate.

And for yet another variation, if you’ve got a Monopoly game you could bring in the Monopoly money and get people to guess how much all the notes come to together. You will need to find a prize for this one though. Maybe some Millionaires shortbread.


Order some of our placards and take pictures of members holding them that they can use on their social media, together with some words about how the fall in the value of their pay has affected them.

You can use the pictures in branch newsletters, on your website and social media. And don’t forget to send them in to UNISON too (with the permission of the member involved).

Tell members about the TUC rally

Tell members about the TUC rally and lobby of Parliament on fair pay for public service workers. This takes place on Tuesday 17 October at Westminster. Ask people to leave their details if they might be interested in coming along and speaking to their MP about pay. If you then forward those details to we can send them more details nearer the time.

Get some tunes on for pay

If you can play music at your event why not create a money related play list to use. A couple to get you started would be Money, Money Money by Abba, or anything by Johnny Cash.

If you want to get people talking about pay it can be good to use an ice breaker to make the conversation easier. The following fun facts are a good way to engage staff and get them to think and talk about their pay.

Did you know…? Money facts

  • Two 1p coins weigh the same as one 2p coin, and two 5p coins weigh the same as one 10p coin
  • The direction the monarch faces on coins changes with each appointment
  • Million pound and £100m notes do actually exist
  • Coppers are not made of copper, but non-copper coins are made of copper.