Thousands of UNISON members are being hit by universal credit chaos. Stories of lives devastated, people left penniless and families driven to foodbanks, are littered throughout the media – and amongst UNISON’s 1.3 million members.

We are determined to make decision makers listen. We need to confront them with the real life consequences of the system they created. To make them recognise the scale and severity of the crisis. And it is your personal experience that will spur them to do something.

Share your story with us. Or post online yourself, using the hashtag #CHANGEUniversalCredit.

What has universal credit done to your family? Has it put you in a precarious position? What did the five week wait for the first payment mean for you? Have you faced unreasonable deductions? Are you worse off? Have you been sanctioned? Has it been difficult making a claim? Please share as many details as you can.

  • Please share as many details as you can with us.

By sharing your evidence, we can ensure your experience does not go undocumented. And we can use it to pressure the government to change universal credit and ensure the same does not happen to somebody else.


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Chancellor should ditch the two-child limit to universal credit and tax credits, says UNISON

The chancellor should use tomorrow’s spring statement to scrap the rules that penalise low-income families applying for universal credit and tax credits, says UNISON today (Tuesday). Any parents currently applying for universal credit only get help for the first two children, if their younger sons or daughters were born on or after 6 April 2017. […]

Blog: Five weeks is too long

It’s difficult to see how Universal Credit can continue to deliver anything but misery for many. It’s difficult to see how any government – even this one – can justify ploughing on regardless in the face of such overwhelming evidence. The government needs to end the five week wait – but they also need to think again about Universal Credit, full stop, before any more damage is done.

Blog: UNISON will always stand with those facing the brunt of this government’s brutality

Universal Credit needs to be halted before more people suffer and lose out.

Two Child Limit

UNISON campaigns against the two-child limit on tax credits and universal credit claimants.

The ‘two child limit’ policy means that people will no longer receive an additional allowance (£2,780/year) for a third or subsequent child, born on or after 6 April 2017, unless special circumstances apply. This will increase child poverty and increase trauma for rape victims.

UNISON were instrumental in the creation of the coalition campaign,  All Kids Count, which brings together 52 organisations to oppose the two-child limit.

Find out more about All Kids Count

5 week wait

We are throwing our support behind the Trussell Trust’s campaign, #5weekstoolong, to end the five week wait for Universal Credit .

Everyone who applies for Universal Credit has to wait at least five weeks for their first payment. This is leaving people without access to even the basics for five weeks, forcing them to rely on food banks and even pushing some people into homelessness. This is an utterly inhumane and indefensible approach.

The Department for Work and Pensions must make the first Universal Credit payment within the first two weeks of the claim being made. People cannot be left destitute with no safety net.