The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has decided to raise its registration fee by an inflation-busting 18% – in spite of overwhelming opposition. UNISON is campaigning to stop this unfair charge on health staff, and you can help.

Health professionals regulated by the HCPC must pay this yearly fee before they are allowed to practise. If the proposed fee rise happens, HCPC fees will have risen by 40 per cent since 2014.

Wages in the health service have effectively been cut over the last 10 years and so it is shocking that the HCPC can raise fees without considering the impact this will have on registrants.

We believe that the HCPC will lose the trust of registrants if this fee increase goes ahead despite overwhelming objections from those that it regulates.


What’s UNISON done so far?

  • We responded to the HCPC’s consultation at the end of 2018 and included the voices of our members who said they cannot afford any more increases in fees. 99% opposed the fee hike.
  • With other unions and professional organisations, we wrote an open letter to the HCPC in December to argue against the fee increase.
  • We briefed MPs and wrote to the HCPC council members to ask them to reconsider its cost-cutting measures. Read the letter sent by 47 MPs and peers urging HCPC not to impose the increase.
  • On Thursday 14 March, MPs debated the HCPC fee hike. Read our live-tweets of the debate.


What can I do now?

Write to your MP and ask them to sign Early Day Motion 2069 that calls on the HCPC to think again.

Write to your MP now


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