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We need UNISON members in schools to speak up.

UNISON represents around 250,000 school support staff across the UK and those members do fantastic work to help children learn, keep them safe and healthy and schools running smoothly.

But, life is getting harder in our schools so we are running a consultative ballot of our members about their pay, terms and condition and workload.

Consultative ballot – England only

The consultation ballot is now open and will run until 5 March. Members should have received an email with a link to vote.

Vote now

We are asking you to speak up for your school in our consultative ballot:

  • We want to know what you think, and what you are prepared to do, to help us defend schools against further cuts and job losses
  • It’s about stopping workload increases and defending your pay, terms and conditions
  • We are consulting all school support staff in England and it is important that you have your say.

We are asking you three simple questions and your answers will help us in our campaign and negotiations with employers and the government.

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Use our campaign engagement tool on your phone to ask colleagues to join, check their email details and vote.

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Campaign ideas

Schools aren’t like other workplaces – getting into staff rooms can be tough and sometimes it takes a different approach to get the message out there. Here’s what Salford City branch did – could you use some of their ideas to encourage staff to speak up for schools?

What is happening in our schools?

Thousands of support staff posts have been cut in recent years. Workloads have spiralled, with support staff working unpaid overtime just to keep schools running. More than 25% of our members work nearly an extra day each week for no extra pay – just to get the job done.

The recent pay deal put more money in members’ pockets, but it’s still not enough. And, in places, terms and conditions are under attack as schools look for ways to save money.

We can’t go on like this. Our schools are too important to be put at risk by failing government policies, increasing workloads, funding and staffing cuts, which hurt support staff, teachers, and of course, children.

Check out our FAQS about the schools ballot here

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