Our schools need more money

Our schools are at crisis point. Funding has slumped in real terms by 8% since 2010 and the worst hit schools could lose up to 15% of their funding by 2022.

UNISON is campaigning to ensure that all schools are properly funded and to stop cuts in your local schools.

What’s happened at my school?

Find out how cuts have affected your local school on the School Cuts website.

If you’re a parent

Talk to your head teacher, governors, MP or local councillors – or just one of them! Let them know how underfunding has affected your school and that you want the cuts reversed.

If you work in a school

Talk to your colleagues, your union rep and your management team about the cuts.


Contact your MP and tell them of the cuts you know about so they can raise it as a concern in parliament. Let your local councillors know that our schools need more money, not more cuts (most are elected on a small vote so they care what you think!).

Order and download leaflets, stickers and photoboards from the online shop.

Not in UNISON?


Join 250,000 other people who work in schools in UNISON – the union for school support staff in the UK. The more members who speak out, the stronger your voice will be in your school.




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Speaking up for schools

Our consultation ballot is now open, so school support staff can have your say

England’s school staff asked to vote on effect of cuts

UNISON will hold consultative ballot on employment issues arising from central government reductions in school funding

Blog: Celebrating the Stars in our Schools

Whether they’re catering staff or teaching assistants, cleaners or administrative workers, without them schools couldn’t open every morning. They deserve our thanks and to know just how valuable their work is to all of us.

UNISON wins legal pay out for 5,000 low-paid women in schools and nurseries in Greenwich

This is a victory for all low-paid women working in the public sector