Visit our Moments of Truth campaign site to hear from public sector workers about what’s really going on in our public services.

Moments of Truth reveals the personal, frank stories behind 10 years of austerity. Public services have reached breaking point and so have the people that deliver them. They are speaking out to expose the truth.

After nearly 10 years of government cuts, public service workers know how hard it can be to provide good quality, effective services. They see the impact austerity has on the communities they keep safe, educated, healthy and cared for – up close. Their stories also reveal the personal toll working for underfunded services has had on their lives.

Moments of Truth puts real people at the heart of the austerity debate – testimony from NHS workers, Teaching Assistants, Librarians, police staff and local government workers. These are experts you can trust, speaking out to make sure the public hear the truth.

Watch their truth

Moments of Truth is part of UNISON’s Public Service Champions campaign, which aims to win public support for proper investment in public services and pressure decision makers to reverse austerity. Among the measures needed to secure the future of our public services, UNISON is calling on the government to:

  • reverse the £2.4bn cut in the Settlement Funding Assessment for local authorities in England and provide funding to meet the 2019/20 budget pressures that local councils will face;
  • close the £2.5bn shortfall in social care funding;
  • proper funding for all public services, including the NHS and education;
  • halt privatisation and outsourcing of public services and begin the process of bringing services back in-house;
  • ensure appropriate levels of staffing across all parts of the public services – including in local government, schools and policing.

How you can help

  • Share the #MomentsOfTruth films on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.
  • Talk about your concerns with family, friends and work colleagues.



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