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Schools in England are facing average cuts of 8% per pupil by 2020 due to government funding plans, according to the government’s National Audit Office.

To make matters worse, the government also plans to introduce a new way of funding schools via a national formula, which means some schools will lose even more money.

UNISON is campaigning to stop funding cuts in your local schools. We are calling for more money for all schools to cover higher costs, the impact of inflation and the new national formula.

Together we can make a difference. Please join us by writing to your MP or signing the petition.

You can also look up specific data on the cuts in your constituency in the spreadsheet under ‘Resources’.

Take action

Write to your MP today and ask them to challenge these cuts.


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The issue

UNISON has been campaigning about inadequate funding of education for many years. However this government’s spending plans have made the problem far worse.

Whilst claiming to protect funding, they froze the Dedicated Support Grant, which is the main block of money that pays for schools.

This means that schools have had no additional money to pay for increases in inflation, pensions or national insurance costs.

From April most schools will also have to pay a new apprentice levy too, with no additional money to cover this.

The National Audit Office (NAO) has estimated that this will mean an 8% per pupil real terms cut to schools by the end of this parliament in 2020.

We have already seen restructuring and redundancies as a result of funding pressures and this can only get worse.

The impact on the education of our pupils, such as increases in class sizes, fewer books and resources and cuts to special needs provision, is causing a crisis in our schools. On top of this, the government are proposing a new National Funding Formula (NFF).

This will result in the re-distribution of funds from school to school, without any new money being put in.

This will have a significant detrimental impact on many schools. Most of those schools that do get some extra money as a result of the changes will not get enough to outweigh the 8% loss predicted by the NAO.

Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, said: “Cash-strapped schools are struggling to give children a decent education. The funding crisis means overcrowded classrooms, support staff being sacked and parents having to pay towards the cost of lessons. Children, parents and staff deserve so much better.”

Take action


  • Use our form to write to your MP. You can amend the letter if you wish. You can find out exactly how much your borough is set to lose by searching the spreadsheet ‘Cuts data by constituency’ under the Resources tab.

You can also:

If you’re a parent…

  • Talk to your head teacher, governors, MP or local councillors – or just one of them! Let them know you want the cuts to stop and changes to the funding formula to be reconsidered. There are lots of handy resources for parents at Fair Funding for All Schools website

If you work in a school…