NHS pay rise 3%

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The Government has announced a 3% pay rise for all NHS staff in England.

We have called an emergency meeting of our lead committee of NHS staff and a full member consultation will be underway shortly.

Commenting on the day of the announcement, UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said:

“The government’s acceptance of the NHS pay review body recommendation is an improvement on its earlier miserly 1% proposal.

“But the increase falls short of what NHS staff deserve after the past 16 months. It’s less than the wage rise given to Scottish health colleagues and not enough to protect the NHS.”

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It will take a short period of time to start our consultation. We have called an emergency meeting of our lead committee of NHS staff. They will analyse the fine details of the pay outcome and we will share their full assessment with UNISON members working in the NHS. They will also make practical decisions on how the consultation will run.

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