Local government workers are there for us, through every stage of our lives. From birth, through our youth and adulthood, to old age. We cannot live our lives without them. But local government workers are often forgotten.

Refuse workers, trading standards officers, environmental health inspectors, youth workers, librarians, school cleaners, care assistants – and many more –  deliver vital local services. They are the glue that hold our communities together. The Local Service Champions campaign aims to raise the profile of these unsung heroes.

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Local government has been an easy target for cuts. Yet unlike the NHS or schools, people have been less likely to defend it. And during the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts of local government workers to keep the country going has often been overlooked.

UNISON’s Local Champions campaign celebrates and defends local government workers for the everyday heroes they are.

Want to meet the everyday heroes? Read our feature article.

Local Service Champions Awards

The Local Service Champions Awards celebrate the invaluable contribution local authority staff make to our lives. We owe our champions a huge debt.

Find out who won

Winner: Jenny Evans

Jenny is a senior customer services representative at Frodsham Library, in Cheshire. She’s worked in libraries for 40 years. Watch Jenny’s story:

Runner-up: Carol Sinclair

Carol is a community care worker for East Lothian Council, who visits people in their homes who have had a fall. Watch Carol’s story:

Runner-up: Mark Davis

Mark is a mechanical operative at Bedford Borough Council, who spends his time landscaping the grounds at Foster Hill Road Cemetery – making it a peasant place for the community to visit their loved ones.

Read the full story


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