Stand up and have your say on EA Pay.

UNISON is currently running a consultative ballot on the Environment Agency’s proposed pay offer for 2022/23.

More information on the offer can be found on the Environment Agency Pay page, along with details of the consultative ballot.



New Environment Agency offer means strike suspension and pay talks

Government finally gives green light to talk about pay

Flood defence works being carried out by the Environment Agency

Pay claim submitted on behalf of Environment Agency staff

‘We urge the EA to come to the negotiating table with an offer that seeks to deliver a real uplift for members that reverses the trend of recent years’

Flood defence works being carried out by the Environment Agency

Environment Agency staff set for out-of-hours ban

Workers will refuse to volunteer for on-call cover outside contracted hours from this weekend until 19 September, in continuing action over pay

old-fashioned tap with water running from it

UNISON demands Thames Water answers

Christina McAnea questions how the near financial collapse of Thames Water was allowed to happen and calls for renationalisation of the water industry

Jon Richards opens UNISONs annual Water Energy and Transport conference in Liverpool 2023

Water, environment and transport conference held in Liverpool

Environment Agency pay was high on the agenda, following the recent dispute and the government’s pay offer