Over 1 million health workers are still waiting for the pay rise they deserve. 

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Thanks to the government’s dithering and delays, on April 1st NHS staff won’t be getting the pay rise they are due.  

After a year of COVID, health workers are exhausted, stressed, and burnt out. But despite falling cases, there are still huge challenges facing NHS staff. They’ve got to work hard to help the NHS recover and look after every person whose treatment has been delayed. 

Now more than ever health workers need a morale boost. Whether the new pay deal shows NHS staff are truly appreciated by government, or brings morale to an all-time low, is in the hands of our MPs. 

NHS pay is in the hands of our politicians, and it’s time for our MPs to speak out.


Every day that passes without a deal is another day NHS staff are being told they aren’t valued by our politicians. Had the government already agreed to a fair and reasonable pay rise of £2k for all health workers, NHS staff would be getting an extra £38.46 a week in their pay checks.  

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