An average household in receipt of tax credits will lose a whopping £1,350 a year when they are cut in April 2016.

Many ordinary working people can’t afford this lose – tax credits are helping them to keep themselves afloat

UNISON believes in that people should be paid a wage that they can live on – until that happens tax credits need to be kept.


‘Why I ♡ UNISON? It saved me from losing my job, my home, my whole way of life’

The issue of losing my tax credits was keeping me awake at night: as a single mum I didn’t know how I was going to provide for my family

The life and times of a low-pay parent

With the chancellor’s U-turn on tax credits, single mum Kati Conroy says she can sleep again at night – for now

Tax credits u-turn will bring huge relief to working families

Commenting on the announcement in today’s (Wednesday’s) spending review that the Chancellor is to reverse his planned cuts to tax credits, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “Nearly three million working families countrywide have breathed a collective sigh of relief. Since the cuts were announced in the summer, parents have faced increasing anxiety over losing […]

Tax credit cuts could cost economy £3.5bn

Almost three million working families with children across the UK who receive tax credits could between them lose around £3.5bn, according to UNISON research. This average loss per tax credit household of £1,300 could see businesses and high streets suffer as families have much less money to spend. Although last month’s vote in the House […]

Vexing the government over tax credits

Victory in the Lords is only the beginning of UNISON’s hard-fought campaign to protect tax credits for working people

Your stories

To make this campaign as effective as possible, we need real people to tell their stories. This is where you come in.

We want to look at how the tax credit cuts will hit specific jobs, so if you get tax credits or know someone who does, we’d love to hear from you.

We are looking for a hospital cleaner, a teaching assistant, a home care worker, a healthcare assistant, a nurse, a PCSO and a street cleaner. But we’re keen to hear from anyone, regardless of their job, so long as they’re in receipt of tax credits.

Email us at

All we need to know is your job title, how much you earn, the number of children you have, an email address, and a mobile contact number. We want to use your stories to try to get media coverage on the tax credit cuts, so you would need to be happy to speak to journalists, and possibly to have your picture published.

Who is affected?

The map below shows how many families are affected by the tax credit changes in each constituency in Great Britain.