HCPC fee increase is an unjustified ‘tax on practising’

HCPC must listen to its registrants and scrap this increase

The proposal by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to increase its registration fee by 18% is excessive and unreasonable, says UNISON.

A letter signed by 47 MPs and peers denouncing the increase has been sent to the HCPC ahead of its meeting tomorrow (Thursday) when the board is voting on the proposal.

The changes will affect 15 health and care professions regulated by the HCPC across the UK. This includes paramedics, radiographers, occupational therapists and biomedical scientists. Regulated professionals are required to pay an annual fee to be allowed to practise.

If the fee increase is imposed, HCPC fees will have risen by 40% since 2014, way outstripping inflation and pay increases, says UNISON.

A recent UNISON consultation revealed the overwhelming majority (99%) of people represented by the HCPC don’t support the increase, with 76% saying the Council isn’t good value for money.

The increase is likely to have a big impact on part-time workers who have to pay the full fee despite not receiving a full-time salary, says UNISON.


UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said: “This increase is effectively a tax on practising with little legitimate justification.

“The HCPC should be doing all it can to encourage people to continue in their professions, not discouraging them with such a disproportionate hike in fees.

“HCPC must listen to its registrants and scrap this increase.”

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