NHS staffing challenges won’t be solved without money, says UNISON

Commenting today (Monday) on the government’s 10-year plan for the NHS in England, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said:

“Finding the NHS more staff, and holding on to those it already has, is key to the success of the government’s plan.

“The plan is honest about the scale of the staffing challenge. But nothing will happen without more money to attract new recruits and train existing employees. The government must act now, or its plan will fall at the first hurdle.

“Repealing the despised Health and Social Care Act would spare the NHS from the costly and time-wasting need to compete against itself.

“The market-obsessed system created by the 2012 legislation has failed to tackle the huge health inequalities that exist across the country, and added to the pressures being felt in every part of the NHS.”

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