Flu jab is important but not the real threat to the NHS, says UNISON

Shortage of staff and lack of funding is the real threat to the NHS

Responding to today’s (Thursday) comments by the Chief Medical Officer saying that the flu jab should be compulsory for NHS staff, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said:

“It’s important not to lose sight of the real threat to the NHS. It isn’t flu, but the shortage of staff and the lack of funding.

“The NHS flu fighter campaign, which encourages NHS and social care staff to have the flu jab, is a very positive initiative. Unions are promoting it, so staff are fully informed about its benefits and it’s made available to all those who want it.

“But some people are allergic to the vaccine and shouldn’t be forced to have it. Making it mandatory could also be counter-productive, potentially tying employers up in legal wrangles and further damaging already fragile staff morale.”

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