Government care plans set to ignore the views of 1.4m care workers

Government plans to reform social care will fall short and won’t get to grips with the huge problems affecting the sector, if the work to shape next year’s green paper fails to involve the views of the UK’s million strong workforce, says UNISON.

The Cabinet Office has today announced that the government is to engage with a wide range of experts before the care green paper appears next summer. Ministers had originally promised that there would be a green paper this autumn.

UNISON national care officer Matt Egan said: “The care of the elderly and the most vulnerable in our society is too important an issue to delay in this way.

“Everyone wants to see a system that’s well funded, that can give the best possible care to all those who need help, and that means people with disabilities, as well as older people. That care system also needs a highly trained, well-treated workforce.

“But the failure to include a union or any other kind of organisation representing care workers in shaping the green paper is a huge mistake – especially as ministers plan to seek the views of care company bosses.

“The government must consult with experts, but if it doesn’t listen to the dedicated care staff keeping the system going, it will be missing out on the chance to hear solutions from those that know the care sector better than most.”

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