Grammar schools belong in the past, says UNISON

Friday 9 September 2016

For immediate release

Commenting on the prime minister’s speech about grammar schools today (Friday), UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“The country may be under new management, but the Conservative Party’s obsession with grammar schools remains the same.

“Grammar schools are outdated relics, removed in most parts of the country for very good reason – because the two-tier grammar/secondary modern system failed the majority of young people.

“Under the PM’s plans, children who don’t make it into grammars will be left behind in schools stripped of the brightest pupils, best teachers and valuable resources. Everyone deserves to go to a good school – regardless of their background or academic ability.

“There’s no evidence that grammar schools have advanced social mobility one bit. The government should be looking to the future, not repeating the mistakes of the past with a policy that further damages our underfunded education system.”

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