UNISON comments on escalation of junior doctors’ dispute

Commenting on the news that junior doctors are to hold three further strikes each over 48 hours, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said:

“Jeremy Hunt is completely out of touch with the increasing pressures NHS staff are facing. He has made vital medical workers feel so devalued that they believe further strike action is the only way to defend their profession.

“The cynical decision to impose a contract on junior doctors shows the government thinks the views of hardworking NHS staff are worthless. Our concern is that other NHS staff will be next.

“Everyone wants to see a better NHS but not through attacking pay and working conditions. Instead of acting like the playground bully, Jeremy Hunt should be focusing resources on making patient services better.

“The health secretary should admit he’s got this one very wrong, swallow his pride and concentrate on finding a solution to this dispute that works in the best interests of the NHS.”

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