UNISON reacts to police budgets announcement in today’s spending review

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “It would have been unthinkable to cut police budgets in light of the dreadful events in Paris.

“The 25 per cent cuts that have been imposed since 2010 have decimated neighbourhood policing in many parts of the country. One in three Police Community Support Officers have already gone in England, along with one in five police staff.

“But the threat of cuts has not gone away. Many forces around the country are planning to cut staff in scientific services and investigative roles in the coming months, and those jobs may still be at risk.

“Given that the Chancellor had an extra £27bn of income this was a missed opportunity to use some of that money to start to reverse those cuts, and give extra cash to the police so they are equipped to deal with any threat to national security.”