There must be no snap decision over bombing Syria, says UNISON

UNISON has today (Friday) urged MPs not to make any snap decisions involving the UK in action over Syria.

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “The Prime Minister and MPs from all the parties at Westminster should tread carefully. There must be no snap decision committing the UK to military intervention in Syria.

“These are difficult times, but politicians need to take a step back, and think twice about the implications of UK bombing raids over Syria.

“As much as we all want to feel safe and secure, and do all we can to combat the global terrorist threat, we also need to learn the lessons of history.

“There is no such thing as a surgical strike – there are always casualties and there are always consequences.

“Dropping bombs over Syria will never be enough to stop the so-called Islamic State in its tracks. Without clear plans for action on the ground, we’re debating a plan that isn’t yet fully thought through.

“Any action to combat terrorism must be in accordance with international law, and must be mindful of the need not to make life any more desperate for the Syrian people who have already suffered terribly. Without a political solution to the Syrian conflict, the situation will simply continue to deteriorate.”

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