Labour must stop knocking seven bells out of one another, says UNISON’s Dave Prentis

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “The spending review is just three days away. Millions of working families anxiously await the Chancellor’s plans.

“They’re scared about what he has in store for the tax credits they rely upon, and nervous about deep spending cuts to essential local services and the policing of their communities.

“Standing up for these families and arguing against government austerity is what the Labour party should have been doing this week. But instead, we’ve seen yet more, very public, incredibly damaging squabbling.

“Every time you think that things can’t get any worse, they do. It’s high time Labour got its act together. The party needs to start working together, against the government, not each other.

“While people are worried about having enough money to feed their children, and pay their rent or mortgages, Labour is set on knocking seven bells out of one another. When so many are struggling to get by, divisive rows over Trident or shoot to kill are distractions no-one needs.

“It’s got to stop. If it doesn’t, Labour stands little chance of winning back the millions who deserted the party in May. To many voters Labour no longer seems to understand the issues that matter to ordinary people. Their money worries, their need to feel safe and secure.

“So Labour must stop with the verbal fisticuffs, and get back to showing ordinary people that the party is on their side.”