Home Office to Play New Negotiating Role for Police Staff

UNISON, the biggest union for police staff, today welcomed the Home Office onto the Police Staff Council – the national negotiating body for 65,000 police staff. UNISON endorsed the application on behalf of police staff members, following a request from the Home Secretary to join the Council.

Unison Claims Partial Victory on Top-Up Fees

UNISON has persuaded the Government to stop universities charging top-up tuition fees to nursing and other medical students. General Secretary, Dave Prentis, who has been involved in putting pressure on the Government over the issue has welcomed the move and the decision by the Education Secretary, Charles Clarke, to have a review of the effect of top-up fees on entry to public service professions.

Time to Deliver for Local Government Workers Says UNISON


UNISON Calls for International Action Over Global Nurse Shortages


UNISON Issues Police Warning Over Equal Pay


Milestone Agreement Puts Teaching Assistants Top of the Class

One year on the National Agreement on school workforce reform is making a positive impact where it counts – in the classroom said UNISON , the union representing over 70,000 teaching assistants and nursery nurses, today.

Build Up NHS Capacity – Urges UNISON

UNISON, the UK’s largest health union today urged the Government to build up capacity within the NHS, instead of creating an unhealthy reliance on the private sector. The call comes in the wake of an announcement by Health Secretary John Reid handing over operations and NHS money to the private sector.

New NHS Emplyer’s Organisation – UNISON Reaction


MORI Poll on Nurses – UNISON Reaction

Commenting on a MORI poll survey conducted for the Nursing Standard into the public

Pre-budget report – reaction

UNISON welcomes continued investment in public services; extra money targetted at childcare and reducing child poverty but cautions that there is not enough money for local government and warns of dangers of new inflation rate on public sector pay

UNISON calls on police force to implement the best value code of practice to end two-tier workforce

UNISON, the UK’s largest union, today called on police forces in England and Wales to put a stop to the poor treatment of new employees on outsourced contracts by implementing the Best Value Code of Practice.


UNISON publishes a survey which shows that private contractors have worse safety record than public employers. The union calls on public authorities to ensure health and safety of workforce is taken into account when awarding contracts to private contractors.

Hospital super-bug busting needs more cleaners

Response to health secretary’s plans to clean up dirty hospitals by appointing “superbug busters”. UNISON says its welcome, but until get more cleaners as part of the team, the plans will make little difference to hygiene.

UNISON Warns on Scandal of PFI Profiteering as Private Company Pockets Millions in Refinancing Deal

UNISON, the UK’s largest union, today warned of a scandal of profiteering by private companies involved in re-financing PFI projects at the expense of taxpayers.

Queen’s Speech – UNISON Reaction

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, said: