Public opinion hardens over privatisation

UNISON research shows 89% of the public disagree with private sector involvement in delivering public services.

UNISON welcomes new protection against HIV/AIDS for health workers


UNISON Warns Colleges Of Strike Action Over Pay Deal

UNISON has warned colleges that are refusing to pay the nationally agreed pay award that they will face industrial action.

Call Centres Where Losing Your Voice Means Losing Your Job

Many thousands of workers are talking their way out of a job, as voice loss threatens the livelihood of 1 in 50 call centre workers, warned UNISON, the UK

Police service – the dinosaur employer

The police service is the last public service to review terms and conditions for its staff, wasting vast amounts of public money

Support staff in higher education abused by managers, colleagues and students

A UNISON survey revels non teaching staff in higher education are badly treated by managers, colleagues and students across the UK

Now Go for Debt Cancellation for the Rest of the World’s Poor – Call to G8 after £30 billion debt cancelled

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, congratulated Chancellor Gordon Brown for his part in getting £30 billion of debt for 18 of the world’s poorest countries cancelled. But emphasised that more has to be done.

UNISON and FDA launch unprecedented new trade union organisation

Who speaks for health service managers?

UNISON and FDA launch unprecedented new trade union organisation to represent health service managers

Many hands make lunch work – UNISON calls for minimum standards for school meals

UNISON national school meals conference calls for minimum standards and more time to prepare decent, nutritious school dinners. Ruth Kelly will attend Conference.

UNISON welcomes audit on violence in Mental Health Service

Results from the Healthcare Commissions survey on violence in mental health service come as no suprise to UNISON

Cuts in further education funding will harm delivery of public services

Cuts to further education funding could mean the scrapping of British Sign Language courses in colleges

UNISON reaction to Queen’s speech

UNISON’s reaction to today’s Queen’s speech

Hazard control points in meat industry are failing

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) in the meat industry are failing to stop contamination of meat.

UNISON condems rush to private sector

UNISON reaction to Health Secretary’s announcement to double the use of the private sector in healthcare

Labour leadership challenge complete distraction says UNISON chief

UNISON General Secretary says this is not the time for talk about a change of Labour leader.