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White paper fails to fix workforce shortage or mend broken system in social care

Government has not delivered bold, ambitious plan that is needed

Council and school workers deserve much more than below-inflation pay offer as strike ballot begins

Recommendation is to vote yes to strike action

Government must not dither and delay again over pay, says UNISON

A properly funded pay award will help the NHS withstand present and future pressures.

Dithering over social care must end immediately with a proper pay boost for workers

Care shortages having serious impact on vulnerable

Schools risk support staff exodus over pay, warns UNISON 

Many have reached a point where they simply can’t afford to stay in the job they love.

Staff ensuring health and care safety deserve fair pay

Strike ballot to be launched for CQC workers

Staffing levels in care ‘dangerously low’ with dying residents denied dignified end, says UNISON survey  

Survey shows staff having to choose between supporting residents in final hours and needs of other residents

Bulb collapse shows public energy supplier needed

Government action to buy energy for consumers would limit pain

Public service workers are falling way behind spiralling living costs

Rocketing inflation leaves staff struggling and harms recruitment

Above-inflation pay rise is key to nurse numbers

Proper recruitment drive also needed

Long ambulance delays causing distress for patients and staff

There are real fears that staff and services will be unable to cope as demand inevitably increases. 

Double-jab rule risks care collapse, says UNISON

Christina McAnea warns of staffing catastrophe ahead of double-jab deadline

Forced jab rule in the NHS risks doing more harm than good

This sledgehammer approach risks doing more harm than good.

Public services can lead the way to net zero but not without government funding

Getting public services to net-zero needs £140bn government funding by 2035

Improving pay is the way to solve care staffing crisis

Slick ad campaign glosses over exploitation and lack of sick pay

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