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Public sector unions angry at below-inflation pay rises

Dave Prentis: “Workers will now have their pay pegged to 1% until 2015-16. What does that say about giving people aspirations?”

UNISON says chancellor should ‘Stop digging and start growing’

UNISON warns chancellor over the state of the UK economy

UNISON says refurbishing schools is a win-win choice

New buildings boost the economy, and can inspire pupils and staff to achieve more, says union

Rise in fuel poverty linked to higher prices, says union

Without action on fuel poverty we are sleepwalking into a very cold and dark future, warns Prentis

UNISON calls for ‘action not words’ on fuel poverty

Union says the fact that families will be facing the Dickensian dilemma of ‘heat or eat’ in modern Britain is a ‘scandal’

Government driving country into recession

As quarterly figures reveal that the UK economy has gone back into recession, UNISON, is urging the government to ditch the cuts.

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