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BBC News captures UNISON Cameron challenge

UNISON’s Steve Akers challenges Prime Minister David Cameron over plans to close the ACE Children’s Centre in Chipping Norton

UNISON welcomes new guidance on school medicines

UNISON is pleased that the Department for Education has listened to concerns from the union and other campaigners, by proposing an amendment to introduce statutory guidance on pupil health needs and the administration of medicine.

Time for action on ambulance dispute

UNISON, the UK’s largest ambulance union, today called on ambulance trusts across England to act now to head-off strike action in the service.

Homecare workers lose out on travel time pay

Study shows that one third of care workers are not being paid for travel time between clients and earn less than minimum wage

Rise in 15 minute care slots is a disgrace

The rise in the use of 15-minute home care slots is a disgraceful situation, fuelled by the Government’s heartless cuts” said Heather Wakefield, UNISON Head of Local Government today.

UNISON creates credit union network to tackle growing debt crisis

UNISON, the UK’s largest trade union, is creating a nationwide network of credit unions to help impoverished members deal with personal debt and financial difficulties

Ambulance service too vital to play games with

TUC backs ambulance workers in England to fight cuts to their sick pay

UNISON reaction to unemployment figures

‘The small drop in unemployment today, masks the reality of rising under-employment across the country’

UNISON reaction to Ed Miliband speech

‘When Ed spoke about the things that matter to people they listened, but lectures about the historic relationship between unions and the Labour party are a turn off’

Public protection must be paramount

We know that the vast majority of nurses and midwives are good practitioners – we need a system for the many, not the few

Council shame at scramble to stay above the law

It is not only local council workers who suffer because of low pay but the local economy suffers too

Outdoor workers face toilet troubles due to Government spending cuts, says union report

Unison said transport workers, postmen and women, police community support officers and refuse collectors are among those affected. The union has also highlighted difficulties faced by call centre workers having access to toilets, or being given enough time to use them.

If we care about employee wellbeing, zero-hour contracts must go

Unison, described zero-hour employers as taking a “seriously exploitative Victorian approach” to work.

Food prices rising four times faster than wages while youth and long-term unemployment soaring

Dave Prentis, general secretary of the Unison union, said the figures “mask the damaging growth of under-employment plaguing the country and stifling economic recovery. “A toxic combination of part-time, minimum wage, zero-hours working is spreading across the country, as decently paid, full-time opportunities become increasingly rare.”

‘Can’t wait!!’ Real life David Brent signs off redundancies email with details of his holiday plans

Senior union boss Kevan Nelson, Unison’s north west secretary, said: “It is a bit David Brent. He probably meant it well but has underestimated the impact of these changes on his staff. “I recognise there is a style of management where you don’t want to appear overly-autocratic, but talking about your plans when people’s livelihoods […]

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