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“Disappointing” council pay offer ignores huge COVID-19 effort of workforce, say unions

Employers should come back with improved offer

Recognising the key role played by operating department practitioners during the pandemic

Vital work of ODPs being marked

Invest in NHS staff or waiting lists won’t shorten, says UNISON  

The backlog is overwhelming and will take years to clear.

Time for Westminster to follow Edinburgh on NHS pay

Health workers in all parts of the UK deserve decent rise

Covid inquiry next year is way too late, says UNISON

The government owes answers to the workers, the public and the families of those who have lost their lives.

Compulsory vaccinations for care staff are the wrong approach

Study shows compulsory jabs could hinder take-up

Levelling up won’t mean anything without decent public services

Much-needed reforms missing from parliamentary agenda

Radical reform not empty words needed on social care

Plan to fix care is needed right now

Removing the need for masks in schools “too much, too soon”, says UNISON

Return to normality must be done safely

UK should embrace vaccine waiver for everyone’s sake, says UNISON

Helping less wealthy countries will save millions of lives

Public want government to keep promises and give the NHS what it needs, poll shows  

Two-thirds of public think additional resources should be made available for NHS staff pay rise

Nursery schools forced to make further cuts as government leaves them in the dark over key funding decisions

A third make staff and services to balance books

Government must deliver after years of broken pledges to reform social care, says UNISON    

Gavin Edwards says social care should be equal in excellence to the NHS

Male Lawyer Or Judge Working With Contract Papers, and Law Book

Families and the public need answers that only a public inquiry can give

Lessons must be learned and those responsible for failings held to account

UK government must share vaccine intellectual property rights to prevent thousands of deaths

Helping less wealthy nations will beneift everyone

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