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Isolation changes must happen with boosted safety measures, says UNISON

‘Pingdemic’ should not be used to bully staff back to work

​Health workers increasingly concerned at continued government stalling on NHS pay   

Sara Gorton says it’s more than 100 days since staff were due rise

Government can’t keep ignoring social care crisis

Tens of thousands of older people and those with disabilities aren’t getting the care they desperately need

Masks are still crucial in the fight against Covid

Now isn’t the time to ditch mandatory mask wearing. The Prime Minister should be providing direction to the public

Waiting lists won’t be reduced without investing in staff

Proper pay rise and rest will motivate workforce

Too many people across the UK face serious health risks

Employers must do more to keep staff safe and that includes properly recording exposure

Reduced isolation creates more confusion and sick pay needs fixing

More detail needed about impact on health and care

Government’s “alarming” approach abandons children to the risks of Covid

The government’s alarming approach abandons children to a highly transmissible virus spreading at a record pace through schools

Ditching masks at a stroke is too much too soon

People need reassurance about safety

This isn’t the time to throw caution to the wind over mask wearing

Government must not act too hastily and risk safety

Greatest gift for NHS birthday would be a proper pay rise for a secure future

PM should show how much the country appreciates health workers

Recognition richly deserved but government must do more for NHS staff

Pay rise would be appropriate way of showing gratitude

Let’s show gratitude to NHS and other public service staff on Thank You Day

Hundreds of thousands in public services deserve recognition

Remembering NHS workers lost to pandemic means learning lessons for future

Memorial service recognises health staff who lost lives

School funding formula takes from the poor and gives to rich, says UNISON 

NAO report finds funding cuts for most deprived schools

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