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Government must do more to persuade care staff to have the jab

Attempting to force staff to comply by threatening their livelihoods is ​just plain wrong

Gloved hand holding vial of COVID-19 vaccine

Persuasion not coercion must be the key to drive vaccine take-up, says UNISON

Mandatory jabs are the wrong approach and a massive distraction.

Free visas extensions should apply to all overseas health and care workers, says UNISON

Care workers almost ignored once again

Decision to keep face coverings is the right move, says UNISON

Important measure to stop infection spread

More than half NHS and social care staff in London considering quitting over pandemic impact

There’s a real danger many leave the NHS for somewhere they feel more appreciated

Create colourful window displays to support NHS staff on pay rise due date, say health unions 

The entire nation knows health workers are worth much more than 1%

Illustrators get creative to back NHS pay poster campaign by health unions  

Nick Butterworth and Emer Stamp join national effort urging people to highlight NHS pay with window artwork

Show support for NHS pay rise with posters in windows

Households urged to display artworks on Thursday 1 April

Westminster government could learn from Scotland over NHS pay 

After a long and difficult year, a decent pay rise for NHS staff should be a simple decision to make and be popular with the public.  Valuing health staff and investing in the NHS is a political choice.

Face coverings in schools make staff feel safer​

Face coverings in schools have only been in place for a few weeks​. Lifting this measure before the impact on transmission in schools ​has had time to be assessed would be rash.

Government must act on watchdog’s call for social care reform, says UNISON   

Christina McAnea says National Audit Office’s concerns are ‘hugely significant’

female cleaner in a hospital

A proper pay rise is crucial to keep the NHS running

Paying health staff is an investment, not a cost

Government must try harder on vaccines before leaping to the law, says UNISON

Everyone should be offered jab but not coerced

Covid inquiry needed to ​learn pandemic lessons and prevent ​future frontline worker ​deaths

Pay rise would show appreciation for Covid response

Supreme Court sleep-in appeal decision is blow for ​everyone in social care, says UNISON        

Christina McAnea says government must act now to overhaul broken system where staff are paid a pittance

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