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NHS staff need better pay, not divisive distractions, says UNISON

Pitting different groups of staff against each other is wrong approach

Care changes are a start but won’t solve staffing crisis

What’s needed is the proper reform that can only come from a national care service.

Care worker climb down over families shows government in chaos, says UNISON

Ministers could have spared overseas care staff weeks of worry

Government must ditch ‘catastrophic’ plans for migrant care workers  

UNISON and the National Care Forum warn health secretary of the devastating impact the ban on overseas care staff bringing dependents to the UK will have

Government must hold NHS pay talks early in the new year, says UNISON

UNISON responds to the government issuing pay review body remit letters

Government should focus on fixing social care, not playing politics with people’s lives

Higher pay needed to boost workforce

Supreme Court can stop bad bosses punishing staff who strike

Anyone with a legitimate dispute should be able to exercise their rights without worrying they’ll be treated unfairly

Government tearing families and social care apart with immigration rules, says UNISON

Christina McAnea comments on Justin Welby’s concerns over government visa rules

Water firms should invest in services rather than shareholder payouts

Failing and polluting water companies are jeopardising water quality, killing wildlife and causing untold damage to the environment.

Frontline staff face lottery when it comes to essential criminal check costs

Law needs to change to stop the lowest paid being charged to work

Cruel migration plans are a disaster for health and social care

Government accused of playing roulette with essential services just to placate its backbenchers and the far-right

Council funding boost will do nothing to fix deep-rooted problems in social care

What’s needed is a national care service that’s adequately funded, with proper standards and fair pay for its workforce.

Boosting sick pay during the pandemic would have helped prevent virus spread

Matt Hancock’s enthusiasm for boosting sick pay would have been far more helpful when he was health secretary

Matt Hancock continues to ‘shirk responsibility’ for pandemic lives lost, says UNISON   

Christina McAnea says ministers must show they ‘care about social care’

Rising visa fees and reduced student numbers could worsen NHS recruitment crisis, says UNISON

Ministers have to understand there are consequences to demonising migrant workers, who may choose not to come to the UK

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