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Vital health staff must feel valued and supported

Government promises to overseas nurses must honoured

Money for public services would mean a quicker recovery

Proper investment would power a return to a more prosperous time

Prime Minister should take responsibility and not blame others for care home failings

Poor government decision making at the heart of problems

Ministers must fix council funding to avoid ​”catastrophic cuts”

At least £10bn needed to save essential services

Care home death toll highlights urgent need for reform, says UNISON

Sick pay for staff essential to limit spread

Turn appreciation and applause for NHS staff into an early wage rise, say health unions

Public want health pay rise straight away

Show your appreciation and thoughts for the NHS and key workers

UNISON joins /Together coalition to reconnect society

Councils need much more to deal with coronavirus funding shortfall, says UNISON

Authorities face massive funding gap

Staffing, safety and vulnerable children must be priority for schools’ return, says UNISON

Jon Richards says test and trace must improve, teaching assistants mustn’t become substitute teachers and vulnerable pupils should be priority

Frontline care and health workers face thousands of pounds of government ​visa charges

It’s perverse that ministers ignore the contribution of care and NHS support staff ​

Investment must be bigger to protect and strengthen valued public services

Local councils will need financial support to oversee building projects

Meat workers put at risk by safety check failures, says UNISON

Proper on-site risk assessments needed for food processing staff

More mental health support needed for health and care workers, says UNISON

Commenting on Labour’s plans published today (Monday) for a mental health package for NHS and care staff, UNISON assistant general secretary Christina McAnea said: “Health and care staff have been working under huge pressures over the past few months, while most of us have been safe at home. “Fears about falling ill, passing the virus on […]

Care staff death rate a national scandal, says UNISON

Social care needs top-to-toe reform

A national care service is the only way to prevent more deaths

Fundamental reform is needed to create a system fit for the future

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