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Further cuts to police forces could jeopardise public safety and lead to more industrial unrest, warns UNISON

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis has today (Thursday) warned that more cuts to police jobs and budgets could jeopardise public safety, and lead to industrial unrest. In his speech to the union’s annual police and justice conference in Brighton, Dave Prentis said: “Despite promises not to cut frontline policing, all we have seen from this […]

Dave Prentis slams Taxpayers’ Alliance

General secretary criticises comments on pensioner benefits as ‘despicable’

UNISON’s reaction to the Prime Minister’s speech at Tory conference

The Prime Minister talks of launching an ‘all-out assault on poverty’, but his government is soon to make almost three million working families and their five million children significantly poorer.

Local government pension funds’ infrastructure investing must be in members’ best interests, says UNISON

The Chancellor’s decision today (Monday) to allow the local government pensions funds to come together and invest on a grander scale is welcome. But any investment must be in scheme members’ best interests, not just in the government’s, says UNISON. Before the Chancellor tries to get the funds that are responsible for the pensions of […]

The government has got it wrong over tax credits, says UNISON

Commenting on remarks made by the Prime Minister over the weekend and by the Chancellor today (Monday) at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “The government is on the back foot over tax credits and ministers know it. They keep saying that families will be better off, but figures […]

Government’s tax credit snatch and grab will hit more than 2.7m working households across the UK

Tax credit cuts will leave millions of families with 5.2 million children worse off says UNISON research published today

UNISON lobbies for pay justice for school and council workers

Cymru Wales members gather at local government meeting

UNISON general secretary salutes members ahead of Rhondda lobby

Local government workers protest over slashed car allowance

Caerphilly council condemns the trade union bill

UNISON general secretary congratulates council on opposition to bill that ‘rips up good employment relations’

UNISON warns of staff exodus as two-thirds plan to leave the NHS

Low pay and staff shortages driving NHS staff to consider quitting the service

Labour’s new kinder way will help to win people back to the party

UNISON welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of a ‘kinder, more caring’ society

UNISON comments on job cuts at Redcar steel plant

‘The government needs to take direct action’ on Redcar job cuts

UNISON welcomes an end to speculation that free school meals face the axe

Free school meals are a ‘lifeline’ to many families

Dave Prentis addresses NDC. Photo: Steve Forrest / Workers' Photos

‘There is an alternative to austerity’

UNISON general secretary uses Labour conference to call for an end to the cuts, privatisation and pay freezes that are ‘destroying lives’

Council pension funds would like to go green, but doing so now would cost them dear, says UNISON

Calls from campaigners that the UK’s 101 local government pension funds should stop investing in fossil fuels are admirable, but over-simplify the huge task that disinvestment would mean, says UNISON today (Friday). UNISON would like to see Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds no longer investing in firms with big carbon footprints and instead opting […]

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