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Deep inequalities in British society to be investigated

Equality and Human Rights Commission COVID-19 race probe announced

Care home company under investigation following multiple COVID deaths, says UNISON

UNISON reports Horizon Care to the Care Quality Commission after residents die in Sheffield

Safety must be at the heart of universities’ rebuilding plan

Protecting health has to be the number one priority

Report shows action is needed to reduce COVID impact on Black community, says UNISON

Protection needed for those most at risk

Time for ‘answers and actions’ on coronavirus effect on Black community

Immediate action essential, not more delays

US unrest is a reminder to stand up to racism

We must be alert to the threat of discrimination

New agreement to ensure NHS staff in England are paid properly for every working hour

Unions agree measures to be applied locally

Support staff losing sleep and suffering anxiety ahead of return to school in England, says UNISON

Jon Richards says delay needed so schools have time to complete risk assessments

New care home death figures show government claims of protecting the sector ​ring hollow

Never again should the concerns of staff​, unions and employers be ignored

Ministers mustn’t forget important workers delivering essential services, says UNISON

Local government workers facing coronavirus risks and pressures

Government should listen to independent scientists and pull back from 1 June start date

Reopening must wait until it’s safer

Support staff have little confidence in government school safety plans, says UNISON

Only 2% of employees felt reassured

Scrapping of NHS surcharge for migrant health and care workers ‘long overdue’

Government should remove the charge for all migrant workers

Funding must go to care workers in need, not employers’ bank accounts, says UNISON

Government must ensure cash goes to staff

Exemptions would be welcome but health surcharge should be scrapped, says UNISON

Coronavirus pandemic has shown how services rely on overseas workers

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