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Boost wages and scrap tuition fees to turbo-charge nurse recruitment

Ministers must act to fill 40,000 nursing vacancies

​Support jobs and strengthen economy to maintain public services, says UNISON

Fixing testing system and sick pay for all also key

Government must safeguard thousands of university jobs, say education unions   

Joint letter to higher education minister calls for immediate action

Survey reveals staff fears ahead of universities reopening

Pay, working hours and the threat from Covid-19 are major concerns

Early pay rise and end to tuition fees will help nursing workforce numbers, says UNISON

Nurses must feel valued and words aren’t enough

Government must do more to keep schools open and safe, education unions say

Joint unions for school staff write to education secretary

Now more than ever we need a future-focused Labour government

Keir Starmer has made a big step in winning back trust

Safety measures must be the priority to tackle increased infection spread

Sick pay, social distancing and testing system are key

Only a Labour government can save the NHS, says UNISON  

Every NHS worker must be rewarded with an early pay rise of at least £2,000

Care workers deserve pay to reflect their value, says UNISON

Prime minister must fix social care for good

Self-isolating and sick care staff need proper pay, says UNISON 

Christina McAnea says shameful employment practices and low wages need tackling

Care funding must get through to those who need it, says UNISON

Ministers must get tough with care employers

NHS workers call on government to show its appreciation for them

An early pay rise of at least £2,000 to every NHS worker is needed

Testing chaos to blame for rise in NHS 111 and 999 calls, says UNISON

Extra calls putting strain on the system

Key workers need a fit-for-purpose testing system immediately, says UNISON

Testing crucial to ensure workers aren’t isolating unnecessarily

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