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Employers must do all they can to reduce COVID impact on Black staff, says UNISON

Findings of risk assessments must be implemented

A national care service is needed urgently to reform social care, says UNISON       

Christina McAnea says pandemic has highlighted need for urgent reform

More PCSOs would be best way to ensure public comply with COVID rules

Force must be rebuilt after 46% cuts in a decade

Overhauling care sector is the answer to staff shortages

High vacancy rates show system is broken

Extra support for NHS staff welcome but high vacancy levels don’t help, says UNISON

Allowing proper recovery time important too

No one should be profiting from test and trace failure, says UNISON

Government must put system in hands of public health bodies

COVID vaccine roll-out must not involve private firms

There must be no repeat of test and trace foul-ups

Pay and jobs boost needed immediately for social care and NHS staff, says UNISON   

Christina McAnea says government must act now to raise morale among workers

Thousands will suffer in retirement due to government’s public sector exit-payment cap

Ministers knew ordinary workers would be affected but they ploughed on regardless

University support staff left carrying the can for chaotic start of term

Workers are angry at being left to manage the fallout, threats and abuse

​Some employers only paying lip service to Black staff’s fears

The stakes are too high for employers to get this wrong

Green energy plans must be rolled out to more ​parts of the economy

Prime Minister’s wind power pledge must be more than hot air and bluster

Health workers will play a part in hitting climate targets for NHS, says UNISON

Report will help NHS move towards net zero

Close up photo of person wearing surgical face ma

Only weekly testing of NHS staff will stop the virus in its tracks

The government has failed to keep its many testing promises

Government breaks pledge to stop low-paid health and care staff paying twice to use the NHS

Boris Johnson promised a lifeline to low-paid workers then callously pulled it away

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