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Nurse apprentice funding ‘step in right direction’ but pay needs sorting, says UNISON   

Helga Pile says government must guarantee a fair and consistent wage

Clearer guidance still needed on face coverings in schools in England, says UNISON    

Ruth Levin says government should allow school staff and pupils to wear masks if they want to

New evaluation system should help government concentrate on delivering for social care, says UNISON     

Christina McAnea says reform needed to address gaping chasm between ministers’ pledges and the reality

Limit on mega council pay-offs could cost middle-income workers thousands

Long-serving staff caught up in flawed government law

Government must do all it can to defend jobs and stave off mass unemployment, says UNISON

NHS and care sector must be in best possible state

NHS workforce need actions to match the promises, says UNISON  

Sara Gorton says People Plan must be backed with investment for early and significant pay rise

Public want NHS staff to get early and significant pay rise

Pay award should be in place before the end of the year

More cleaners needed to make ​English schools safe for return of pupils and staff, says UNISON

Jon Richards calls on government to provide schools with funds to increase cleaning services

Pay announcements mask “something altogether more sinister”

All public sector workers need a pay rise

Time to give a fair pay rise to all public service workers

Investment in staff and public services will boost the economy

The government must invest in NHS staff too, says UNISON 

Sara Gorton says funding for early NHS staff pay rise needed as well as cash to prepare for Covid-19 resurgence

Immigration changes “a disastrous mistake”, says UNISON

Christina McAnea warns hiring staff will become harder in a sector already ‘desperately’ short of workers

Dave Prentis to stand down as UNISON general secretary

Serving public service workers for two decades has been ‘honour and privilege’

Vital health staff must feel valued and supported

Government promises to overseas nurses must honoured

Money for public services would mean a quicker recovery

Proper investment would power a return to a more prosperous time

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