♡ UNISON: being part of UNISON is like being part of a family

You have three loves: your family, your partner, and then the movement that you would do anything for

UNISON member Margaret Greer stands holding a placard that says 'love UNISON'

UNISON member and activist Margaret Greer

UNISON to me has been an organisation that has been at the heart of my activism for … I can’t even say how many years!

You know how you have three loves? You have your family, you have your partner or husband or wife, and then you have like a movement that you feel passion about – that you would do anything for.

That’s what I feel about UNISON – being part of UNISON is like being part of a family.

And I will be a union member and activist to the day I die – and be proud to be so.

There are so many stories – so many people that I see that have been helped by UNISON.

One recently – a colleague who had got themselves in some real difficulties, and was almost at the end of her tether in terms of where to go.

We were able to not make any judgement, not make her feel as if she were the worst person in the world, and get her in touch with There for You [UNISON’s charity], welfare services, organisations that could support her and her family.

She kept on saying ‘thank you – there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel’.

And if she wasn’t a UNISON member, she wouldn’t have been able to get all that.

For me, I don’t know why people aren’t in a trade union.

For me, the recruiting and organising is essential.


As told to Amanda Kendal.

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