General secretary’s blog

Mourning Nelson Mandela

Like millions of people across the globe it was with real sadness that I heard the news of the death of Nelson Mandela.  His death was not a shock, but his life sent shockwaves across the world and his legacy is felt and will continue to be felt by generations to come.  He was an […]

Support our striking members in higher ed

Taking strike action at any time of year is a difficult decision – and especially in the lead-up to Christmas

Teaching assistants deserve our support

Today is a national celebration of teaching assistants, the work they do and the incalculable benefits they bring to pupils

You cannot separate low pay from child poverty

The latest Resolution Foundation report shows a staggering 3.5m workers have been stuck on low pay for a decade – and solidly reinforces the picture of how divided our nation has become

We’re not all in this together

We’ll continue our campaign for decent treatment for public service workers

Sorry saga of private companies

The sorry saga of private companies taking over our public services and ripping off taxpayers to the tune of millions of pounds is being played out in Parliament this week

Solidarity to those acting against blacklisting today

Today is the TUC national day of action on blacklisting – a hugely important issue, and day, for all trade unionists

Top bosses get 14% pay rise – the rest of us? 1% if we’re lucky

If anyone was in any doubt that we are not all in this together, this week started off with the news that top bosses’ pay had increased a massive 14% in the past year

It’s not easy to blow the whistle when you’re being bullied

Colchester hospital shows how much whistleblowing matters, and a union that protects members when they do is vital too

Tory health minister pockets £17m while workers take out payday loans: call that fair?

Payday loan sharks still shamelessly charging massive interest rates: and it’s people who have the least who have to pay the most

Who could argue with paying people a living wage?

Allowing workers to provide a decent life for them and their families sounds simple – so what’s the problem?

Vice chancellors are on £242,000 while the lowest paid don’t even get living wage

Higher education members strike on 31 October against the 1% they have been offered

Osborne tweets the ‘country is on the path to prosperity’? Get out more George

The latest GDP figures will be of no cheer to ordinary families that see no end to their day-to-day struggle

People are being forced into part time, low paid or temporary jobs

The latest unemployment figures showed a small drop in the number of people unemployed, but closer inspection reveals there is no reason to celebrate

A living wage would be a win-win

We’re submitting our evidence to the Low Pay Commission, calling for a higher national minimum wage