General secretary’s blog

Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

Read Dave’s blog for views on issues UNISON is working on and information on what he’s doing.

Blog: Every signing really matters

Now that Blaenau Gwent have become the first Welsh signatory to the charter, we hope this incentivises other councils to follow suit.

Blog: Once again, our union is taking the fight to the government – and onto the streets

So wherever you live, wherever you work and whatever you do – please join us on May 12th to speak up and step up for the public services you work in and your whole community relies on. Bring your friends and family along to stand with you. Help make this a noisy, colourful passionate and uplifting display of our unity and strength as a union and a movement as we march through the centre of London.

Blog: At last NHS workers have a real pay offer – now it’s time for members to decide

If the pay offer is accepted, every NHS worker’s wages will go further, and the lowest paid would get a significant income boost. Meanwhile, starting salaries for nurses, midwives and other health professionals would also become more attractive to people considering a career in the NHS. That’s something which benefits all of us.

Blog: United Utilities workers are on strike to defend their right to a fair pension

These attacks are completely unwarranted. In the past five full financial years, United Utilities has earned £1.6 billion in profits, whilst over a billion was paid out in shareholder dividends over the same period. In 2016/17 their two most senior staff – CEO Steve Mogford and CFO Russ Holden – were paid more than £4 million between them.

Blog: Child marriage is child labour

This International Women’s Day it is important that we stand up for equality in every workplace; for decent work and freedom from violence and harassment for women everywhere. Child marriage is child labour and together we can end it.

Blog: Ensuring apprenticeships meet the high standards our union expects

In the years ahead, apprenticeships look likely to become a much bigger part of the world of work, so it’s vital we ensure that employers are delivering apprenticeships that meet the high standards our union expects.

Blog: Thanks to UNISON members, vital public services are still running

Thank you to all public servants working through the cold and the snow to support everyone who needs you. You are the pride of our union, our communities and our country.

Blog: We can and must stop this dreadful attack on children living in poverty

Free school meals for those who need them most has been a hallmark of our school system for decades. It has been an accepted principle under numerous governments that no child – no matter how much money their parents have – should go hungry whilst they’re studying. UNISON has also supported the extention of free […]

Blog: A union that goes out to our members, rather than expecting them to come to us

This year we celebrate 25 years of UNISON. It’ll be a time for great celebration, and an opportunity to look back on what we’ve achieved. But it’s also an opportunity to plan for the future. Lothian Health branch has so much that our union can learn from – we need them, and all of our branches, engaged in the debate about how we build a better union that works for every UNISON member.

Blog: A strong record of organising in the housing sector

I am proud that we have secured this agreement – and I hope that in the years ahead we can continue to deliver for Optivo members, as they seek to deliver decent affordable housing for those who need it most.

Blog: It’s ❤ unions week and we have so much to be proud of

Know that every UNISON member and activist plays a vital role in building a better country for everyone who relies on the public services you provide.

Blog: 100 years on, the fight continues for equality and equal representation

The point at which women were able to express their views at the ballot box was the point at which they could begin to take charge of their own destiny. That principle is right at the heart of our union – a union for women, where women make our policies, run our campaigns and lead at every level.

Blog: Our union is a women’s union

Our union is the biggest and best in the country, because it’s unique. A union that did not put women first and fight discrimination wherever it is found would not be the union I know. It is up to all of us to work together in the years ahead, and build on the achievements of this great union, together.

Blog: A day of action for our NHS

UNISON is backing tomorrow’s day of action organised by Health Campaigns Together and The People’s Assembly. There will be a march in Central London (starting at noon on Gower Street) with other events organised around the country to mark the day.

Blog: Standing up for working people includes standing up for mental health

All too often, Mental Health does not receive the attention or the support, that other health problems do. Our union has a proud history of fighting for greater funding for mental health support, but just as importantly, for greater recognition of mental health in the workplace.