Dave Prentis addresses NDC. Photo: Steve Forrest / Workers' Photos

General secretary’s blog

Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

Read Dave’s blog for views on issues UNISON is working on and information on what he’s doing.

Blog: Solidarity with Turkey on Human Rights Day

Whilst many decision makers appear to be turning their backs on the situation in Turkey, it is vital that we stand in solidarity with trade unionists who continue to bravely speak out against a crackdown by an increasingly authoritarian government.

Blog: West Sussex schools are running out of money – it’s time to fund our schools properly

Since Theresa May became Prime Minister in July, the Conservative Party has spent time and money on educational hobby horses like grammar schools – £200m funding in the Autumn Statement – while under their noses, and on their watch, there are real problems with school funding that aren’t being addressed.

Blog: If Macquarie deal becomes the norm in Brexit Britain, we’ll all suffer

Ministers may like to talk about industrial strategy, yet they don’t seem to have much desire to retain key parts of the nation’s infrastructure in UK hands

Our social care services are facing a daily crisis – the government must fund them properly

As long as social care is so cruelly underfunded, problems will persist and will only be exacerbated by an ageing population. That means real and lasting impacts for the care worker and the cared for.

An important step in the fight to protect Durham teaching assistants

There’s still plenty of work to do in the weeks ahead to make sure teaching assistants don’t lose out – but we’re pleased that Durham council has heard the voices of TAs and parents alike

Celebrating Our Health Heroes

As Britain’s biggest union for health workers – with half a million members in the NHS and other healthcare organisations – we’ll take any opportunity to praise the remarkable people who consistently provide excellence.

Eric Roberts, UNISON President, at the UNISON National Delegate Conference

Remembering Eric

I will miss his honesty. I will miss his infectious personality. But most of all I will miss his friendship. Eric Roberts was a good man who gave so much to so many people. Eric said upon his election as President that UNISON was the “best union in the country”, but the truth is that Eric was the best of us.

Support and solidarity pours in for Durham teaching assistants

UNISON will stand behind out teaching assistant members every step on the way until this dispute is resolved – but we’re also receiving support for the dispute from across our movement and around the world.

Autumn Statement: little, if anything, for beleaguered public services

Aside from those on the very lowest wages, the pay misery for school, hospital and town hall staff goes on. The government’s stubborn refusal to end the one per cent pay cap means wages are lagging way behind rising food and fuel prices, causing real financial hardship.

We must care for the NHS as it has cared for so many of us

Long waits for both routine and essential NHS care are becoming increasingly common – whether someone is trying to see a GP or a specialist – and yet the Tory mantra remains the same. Like ostriches ministers’ heads are lodged firmly in the sand. Unlike ostriches, they’re responsible for our NHS. But at present it seems those same ministers are in a permanent state of denial.

Thanking those stars in every school, who shine so bright

I know that in schools up and down the country – in mainstream education as well as in more specialist schools – staff of all kinds provide vital support for our children. Whether it’s helping someone to read or being there to listen, these staff are a crucial part of our education system – which is why it’s disappointing when in places like Derby, Durham and elsewhere, employers don’t treat them as such

UNISON’s LGBT members face continuing prejudice and discrimination, in and outside work

UNISON stands against discrimination no matter what form it takes. We will continue to fight it alongside all of you until the stain of prejudice is finally eradicated from our society, and the equal rights of legislation are borne out through real equality across our country.

Autumn statement: The government’s actions must match its rhetoric

What is needed is a rescue package for public services – and through the Autumn Statement Philip Hammond can begin to show his commitment to public services with a first down payment on that.

On a challenging day, Durham TAs show that there’s so much to fight for

We face huge challenges on so many fronts. At times they can seem insurmountable. But today let’s remember what we stand for. And why we must keep fighting all of those challenges that still lie ahead of us.

Brexit cannot be an excuse to trash our rights at work

Workplace rights was at the heart of UNISON’s campaign to keep Britain in the EU. We may have lost that argument, but our concerns remain. Before the referendum UNISON members told us that rights at work were their top priority – and in the aftermath, preserving those rights has been one of our top priorities.