General secretary’s blog

Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

Read Dave’s blog for views on issues UNISON is working on and information on what he’s doing.

The TUC – stronger together this autumn

This week’s TUC conference will set the trade union agenda for the run up to next year’s general election, and continue to build momentum ahead of the TUC rally on 18 October

Latest Jarrow marchers deserve all of our support

Last week – and 78 years after the original Jarrow march to parliament – a group of mothers from Darlington set off from Jarrow to London to protest against the privatisation of the NHS

Meat inspectors on strike

Our members working as meat inspectors and official vets for the Food Standards Agency have been on picket lines across the country since first light

Growing gap in the ‘recovery’

Two reports out this week show the growing gap between those enjoying the government’s so-called recovery and the rest of the population

Little to celebrate

This week, we are celebrating International Youth Day – but a new report from UNISON shows that sadly there is little to celebrate

Pay remains a priority

Pay remains a priority, and our members are saying loud and clear to government that enough is enough

A ceasefire in Gaza is essential now

Harrowing images of death, destruction and human suffering in the Palestine/Israel conflict cannot fail to move even the most hard-hearted cynic

Short-term savings are storing up long-term costs

The cuts are already leaving many working parents struggling to find quality and affordable childcare over the summer holidays

TTIP poses real dangers to our public services

A big thank you to all who supported the strike on 10 July – It was a great show of solidarity and determination from members battling for fair pay

Our members strike this week

This week, our local government and school members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland hold their first one-day strike over an abysmal pay offer

The evidence for action keeps on coming

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation reports this week that the “average” family needs to earn more than £40,000 for a decent life, and a single parent with one child needs to earn £27,000

Pay: our members are fighting back

Our local government and school support members have delivered a decisive verdict for strike action on 10 July

Our people need hope – and a decent standard of living

It’s always impressive walking into a hall with more than 2,000 UNISON delegates ready to debate our policy and campaigning agenda for the coming year.

Vote YES for strike

The string of attacks from the government against local government workers has taken its toll. Now it is time to turn anger into action

Together, with our message of resistance and alternatives, we can change course and reclaim our Europe

Europe is off-course: as budgets are cut and jobs slashed, the quality and accessibility of public services throughout Europe is at stake