General secretary’s blog

Blog: Levelling up the forgotten frontline

Our local government workers deserve no less credit and applause than health workers – and they deserve fair pay now

Blog: The UK government must act on planned Palestinian evictions

UNISON condemns the violence in East Jerusalem and Gaza, regrets the loss of life on both sides and calls again on the Israeli government to comply with international law

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: Your safety is paramount as we start to return to workplaces

As lockdown restrictions ease and workplaces open up, we need to make sure our staff are kept safe

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: Be part of the solution

Democracy is at UNISON’s heart – and the more of you that vote, the better your union can represent you and be representative of you

Blog: Voting for fair pay on 6 May

Many of our members are not looking for special treatment or favours – all we want is due process and proper negotiations that result in fair pay

Blog: Friends with benefits

Concern over the use of lobbying continues to grow with this government. Reform is needed now and the sleaze must stop

Blog: Fair pay for low-paid workers

Pay for some of the country’s lowest-paid workers increases from today, but for many key workers a decent wage for an essential job is still a dream

Blog: The fight goes on for fairness in social care pay

UNISON will continue campaigning with renewed vigour for the major reform that the care sector so desperately needs

Blog: This worrying attack on free speech and the right to protest

The point of a demonstration is to be heard and to have an impact – the explicit aim of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill seems to be to minimise any impact

hands raised, facing palms out to stop violence, against a dark background

Blog: To walk without fear

The abduction and murder of Sarah Everard has jump-started a conversation about how it can be acceptable that so many women experience fear so often

Blog: The government misses a golden opportunity on NHS pay

Insulting 1% pay offer doesn’t recognise efforts of those fighting COVID for over a year, and will lead to an exodus of loyal staff while doing nothing to attract new recruits

Blog: We’re not martyrs, we’re fighting for change

This International Women’s Day we’ll all be ‘choosing to challenge’ – just as we always do in UNISON

Blog: Challenging racism matters to every branch

Challenging all forms of racism in the workplace is vital to UNISON’s work

Blog: Why Heart Unions Week is so important

Heart Unions week isn’t silly self-indulgence – it’s a chance for us to grow, be stronger and achieve more for our members

Blog: Now is the time to end this national scandal

Care workers need a living wage and the country needs a national care service. It’s time to Pay Fair for Care