General secretary’s blog

Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

Read Dave’s blog for views on issues UNISON is working on and information on what he’s doing.

Coming together to celebrate our NHS

On Saturday, UNISON will March through the streets of London in to celebrate and defend the National Health Service. We will stand alongside those who rely on it, cherish it and campaign for it to demand the end of privatisation and cutbacks in our health service – and show our thanks for the UNISON members who make the NHS so special.

Blog: Internationalism has always been at the heart of our work

UNISON will continue to stand with Liberian health workers in their demand for workers rights and quality public health services. Only by doing that can avoidable tragedies like the devastating Ebola outbreak of 2014 be stopped once and for all.

Blog: Time to stop violence and abuse in the workplace

Together, we can end the scandal of violence at work – today’s charter is an important step in that campaign

Blog: National delegate conference isn’t like other union conferences – like our union, it’s special

It’s a great opportunity to come together as a public service workers, meet old friends and new and recommit to our shared values of equality, democracy and publicly owned services. Personally, I love seeing so many of you together in one place, hearing your stories of fighting and winning for our members and learning about the awe-inspiring campaigns you lead.

Blog: A person so clearly full of compassion treated with so little compassion

Fortunately for Michael, it was UNISON who stood by him when he lost his job, and ensured he received the legal representation he needed to fight his case. He was ably supported by his branch and his steward Hugo. His legal status in the UK is clear and he has been offered the chance to return to his old job.

A brutal massacre in Gaza

We condemn the government of Israel for its actions that have brought fresh pain to the Palestinian people and we pledge to redouble our efforts to campaign for the rights of Palestinians, peace and a time when such aggression, violence and killing can be consigned to the history books.

Blog: All too often, early years services are a poor relation

Thanks to UNISON, the government has agreed to meet with UNISON members tomorrow. Yet the person they’re sending to the meeting is Nadhim Zahawi – a parliamentary under-secretary at the Department for Education. While it’s a positive development that Zahawi is engaging with this vital debate, this isn’t something which should be left to a junior minister – this is something that education secretary Damian Hinds should be involving himself with.

Blog: If the Tories want a hostile environment, we will give them one

On Saturday, thousands of UNISON members took to the streets and made our voices heard. UNISON was by far the biggest, noisiest presence on the march – and swamped Hyde Park for the rally afterwards.

Blog: Time for the government to end their silence on Turkey

Although the UK government vocally condemned the attempted coup in Turkey for undermining democracy, they have remained almost silent on the subsequent state of emergency, mass detentions and dismissals, and the erosion of democracy and rights.

Blog: Together, we can step up for public services

By standing together on Saturday, we can continue to show the strength of our feelings and continue to make the case for public services. If you’re in London, near London or can get to London this Saturday, join us to “step up for public services”.

Blog: If there are elections where you are, don’t forget to use your vote

Recent years have shown clearly that our votes do matter, but in local elections – where turnout is traditionally lower than in general elections or referendums – that’s especially true. If those of us who believe in better – and better funded – public services stay at home, then those with different values will be the ones who have their say over who represents and speaks for you.

Blog: Another reason to be proud of our union – on May Day, and every day

We should be rightly proud that we’re the biggest and best union in the country. We should celebrate our quarter of a century of incredible achievements. Yet we must also take this as an opportunity to look at how UNISON – and all of us within it – can do more, and do better, for all our members in the next 25 years.

Blog: Listen to these moments of truth

Join us in raising their voices and your voices. Share the videos on social media. Support our campaign to champion public services, and continue the fight for public services and everyone who works in them.

Blog: Today we reaffirm our demand for safe and healthy work for all

No-one goes to work not expecting to return home that day, yet official figures show that at least 20,000 workers die each year from work-related injuries and illnesses. The National Hazards Campaign believes that these official statistics are wildly inaccurate so the true figure is likely closer to 50,000 worker deaths every year.

Blog: The future of our country depends on it

This Tory government have sought to trash early-years support by failing to support it nationally or provide the necessary resources to local authorities. Now that government needs to hear the message loud and clear – it’s time to fund early-years properly.