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Blog: Grenfell must not be allowed to be another example of justice denied

The Grenfell Tower tragedy must not be forgotten, nor must justice for those who lost their lives, their loved ones or their homes be delayed any further.

The government must act now to stop the illegal annexation of Palestine

The rights of the Palestinian people have been ignored by the international community for far too long. We cannot allow this attempt to destroy the prospects of a viable Palestinian state to go ahead.

Blog: As lockdowns ease, anxiety grows and confusion reigns

We need strong leadership from this government now and we are all being badly let down. But as ever, your union will continue to fill this vacuum.

Blog: We must recommit ourselves to the fight against racism in all its forms

Honouring the memory of George Floyd – and so many others – demands that we recommit ourselves to the fight against racism in all its forms. And I promise, your union will continue to play a leading role.

Blog: A u-turn from the government and a real victory for our union

It means that many UNISON members, migrants working in health and social care, looking after our communities, will be spared this deeply unfair charge. But UNISON won’t stop there.

A lifelong champion for working people

We will all miss Denis – especially within Northern Ireland, but also within the wider UNISON family. We will never forget him, or the massive impact he has had on the lives of our members – but we will always be grateful for everything that he gave to our union and our movement

Blog: Keeping the lights on

Across the UK, UNISON reps and members in the energy sector have been working with employers to work out solutions to the many big problems we face

Blog: Safety for all workers is UNISON’s bottom line

Our members have worked so hard to battle the virus, protect our communities and maintain the lockdown. Now they need the government to work just as hard to ensure that any relaxation of the lockdown – whenever it comes in different parts of the UK – is safe for all workers. That is UNISON’s bottom line.

Blog: Denis Goldberg – a tireless campaigner for justice, and a friend

Denis Goldberg, who has sadly passed away, was a freedom fighter, an inspirational politician and an honorary member of UNISON

Blog: A moment of silence is the very least that we can do

wherever you are – at home or at work – please join us in a moment of silence. To say thank you. To remember. To show our solidarity. To remember the dead, but also on International Workers Memorial Day, to fight for the living.

Blog: your right to be safe from harm at work

As UNISON has been working hard for our members during the coronavirus crisis, I know that the issue of getting the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is the still the top priority for everyone fighting this pandemic. Rest assured that this is also an issue on which your union is challenging the government. At every […]

Blog: Remembering our colleagues, fighting for change

As coronavirus spread around the world and hit hard in the  UK, we knew that ,because of the jobs they do, our own members would be losing their lives in the fight against COVID-19.

Blog: Labour must unite behind Keir Starmer

Real, lasting change – for the care worker, the nurse, the cleaner – only ever happens when Labour wins the trust of the British people. I know our party has elected the right leader to meet that challenge.

Blog: Our response is vital, impressive and truly humbling

Whatever comes next, we have to keep going. And I know we will

Blog: I’m proud of our members in a national emergency

Once again our public service workers are on the frontline fighting to keep our communities and our country safe and well – fighting, against the odds, to keep services running