Blog: Our response is vital, impressive and truly humbling

Whatever comes next, we have to keep going. And I know we will

It is hard to continue to find the words to express what an extraordinary time this is. Coronavirus is disrupting the lives of all of us in ways unimaginable just a few short weeks ago.

Safe to say, none of us have experienced anything like this and none of us really know what will happen next.

But in such uncertain times for our communities and our country, there are positives and examples of real hope, courage, leadership and selflessness.

UNISON is at the forefront of this positive response. Whether it’s working tirelessly behind the scenes with other unions, the TUC and with government to make sure the policies are in place to protect workers and workers’ pay during this national emergency, or practically supporting our members who are on the frontline of the response.

As I’ve said before, I am so incredibly proud of how this union is pulling together. In the most extreme circumstances the work done by our members in stepping up to the ultimate challenge of saving lives and keeping essential services running wherever possible is truly humbling. And the work done by our activists, and our staff to support our members in that endeavour is just as vital, important and impressive.

We are witnessing true public service every minute of every day during this crisis. Thank you.

I am so proud of the part being played by the UK’s biggest union – members, activists and staff working together – in this national emergency.

Whatever comes next, we have to keep going. And I know we will.

Thank you, as ever, for all you are doing.