Blog: Help us stand with HOPE not hate against the far right

After attacks on HOPE not hate’s new website, UNISON is encouraging branches to help raise the funds to protect the organisation from such acts

Logo for Hope not hate

UNISON is proud to support the work of HOPE not hate, an organisation that challenges hate, fascism and the organised far-right.

HOPE not hate’s aim is to expose extremism, educate young people on how to challenge it and to build local communities’ resilience in the face of hate.

But this week they came under attack for daring to expose the truth about the far right. Their new website was immediately attacked by malicious bots, attempting to silence them.

This shows just how organised the far-right are and how determined they are to perpetuate hate and to silence any challengers. 

As well as our tireless work for our members on pay, and terms and conditions in the workplace, we are a union with major campaigning objectives for our wider society.

Saying no to hate, tackling hate crime and leading the fight against racism and discrimination is in our DNA.

We will always stand firm against any hate and attacks directed towards our members and in our communities – and that includes supporting organisations that share our values.

UNISON will continue to support HOPE not hate, and to help protect their anti-fascist work and the hope they bring to so many people.

We are also encouraging branches to help fund their appeal to upgrade their website to protect them from future attacks.

You can chip in here.