Growing gap in the ‘recovery’

Two reports out this week show the growing gap between those enjoying the government’s claimed recovery and the rest of the population.

The top bosses of Britain’s biggest companies now get 143 times more in pay and bonuses than their average employees. This ever-widening gap is a recipe for growing disaffection.

And it will not come as a surprise that most of those bosses are men, and there was more bad news for working women. The Fawcett Society reported that almost one million more women (since 2008) are in low paid, insecure jobs. This ties in with a surge in the number on zero hours contracts or ‘self-employed’.

Meanwhile members continue to be hit with pay cuts and job losses. And this week UNISON is highlighting some of the damaging effects of cuts. The high levels of workplace stress of our police staff members are a scandal.

Police staff carry out vital work but morale is at an all time low. UNISON is calling on the government to reverse its cuts which have so obviously hit morale and added to the workload of the remaining staff.

UNISON is continuing to work with the TUC and other unions to fight back against the cuts. You can help by getting involved with your branch and activities. 

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