Vote to keep the racists and the Tories out on Thursday

The local and European elections are approaching.

On Thursday some parts of the country will be voting for our local councillors, but we will all have a vote for those who represent us in the European parliament.

This means that on Thursday we get to choose hope over fear and austerity.

Voting is your right, but it’s also your responsibility.

We have all seen the devastating impact of this Tory-led government on councils in our towns and cities up and down the country.

Libraries, swimming pools and parks being closed or neglected and services and jobs and pay cut, creating isolation and insecurity.

These are not services used by Tory millionaires, these are vital services for ordinary people, our hard-working members who, despite working day in day out, struggle to make ends meet.

Thursday is your chance to send a strong, clear message to the government and to the racists that we reject their policies.

We need to keep the Tories out of local government. But equally, we can’t let the likes of UKIP spread their message of hate and fear and make the strides that the polls have predicted.

UKIP policies are not only bad for Britain and bad for Europe, they are bad for families, workers, community relations and our multi-cultural nation.

On Thursday, we must ALL go out and vote to make sure we keep the Tories and the racists out.

The polling stations will be open all day, every single vote will help make a difference.

I urge you all to use your vote to start creating a better, fairer future for Britain.