For a strong voice, we need a strong union

Across the country UNISON is gearing up for our next big recruitment push.

It comes as a critical time for the union, with disputes over pay looming large in local government and in health.

The pay ballot in local government and schools launches on 23 May, to be followed later in the summer by health.

To get a strong vote we need a strong union and that means increasing density in branches and regions.

Despite the fact that people move or retire, and there have been huge job cuts in the public sector, our membership is holding up.

But to be really effective in protecting and defending our members and our public services, we have to reach out to recruit new members. Building strength through membership is a priority for the union.

One of the biggest reasons why people say they aren’t in the union is because they ‘haven’t been asked’.

So everyone can play their part in building the union by talking to colleagues and joining up new starters, or explaining to those who simply ‘haven’t been asked’ why they should join.

Strike action is never an easy option, but standing alongside colleagues creates its own strength. I have said this many times but together we really are stronger.