We’re not all in this together

Two reports out this week show how public sector workers are not being treated fairly in this ‘we-are-all-in-this-together’ nation of ours. And they show that we are justified in our campaigning on behalf of the low paid and the people who rely on our members for services.

One report by HMRC (tax inspectors) found that half of private firms providing care for the elderly paid workers less than the minimum wage. Bosses get round it by, obviously, paying below the hourly rate or by abusing the apprentice rate. But they also make illegal deductions, or don’t pay for time spent training or travelling.

HMRC agrees with us that elderly care will suffer if staff are not paid the rate for the job and are forced to squeeze care into 15 minute time slots.

The other report by the National Centre for Social Research has found that half of public sector workers and one-quarter of private sector workers have recently suffered a pay freeze or cut. Of course, that’s no surprise to us, but it does once again highlight how unfair our society is becoming.

Workers, whether public or private, shouldn’t have to beg for crumbs, they should be treated decently and fairly. And that is what we will be campaigning for over the coming months.