Share your solidarity with Wirral clinical support workers on strike

Solidarity with Wirral clinical support workers. Pay Fair for Patient Care. UNISON members hold flags at a meeting.

Healthcare support workers in UNISON are fighting for the respect, recognition and reward they deserve – and they’re prepared to take strike action to get what they’re rightfully owed.

Over 400 clinical support workers at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (WUTH) will take 48 hours of strike action from 7am on Thursday 31 August.

They’re joining together to get their employer to pay them appropriately for the Band 3 clinical work they routinely do, and to put right the years they’ve been underpaid by awarding backpay to 1 April 2018 as an absolute minimum. 

This is a key moment in UNISON’s Pay Fair for Patient Care campaign and these members need all of our support and solidarity.

1. Social media

Social media is a great way to publicly put pressure on their NHS Trust to do the right thing. You could use this message, or write your own, and please share on any other social media you use too.

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I stand with Wirral clinical support workers striking for the pay they're owed. UNISON Pay Fair for Patient Care

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2. Sign the petition

These hard working UNISON members have seen colleagues in many other NHS trusts in the region getting re-banded and rewarded with backpay, and they’re asking why their work at Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge hospitals should be any different. Add your voice to their petition to the Trust’s chief executive and chairman.

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3. Send a message of solidarity

Deciding to take strike action is always a last resort and these UNISON members need to know that their union and the whole NHS is behind them in their fight. Submit a solidarity message and we’ll make sure the strikers hear your support loud and clear.

Please include your name if you're happy to, and where you're from – this will show UNISON members the breadth of support for them!
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Are you a healthcare support worker?

We have seen healthcare support workers in every region running local campaigns to get rebanded – and many are securing thousands of pounds in back pay too. It’s not an easy road but the rewards can be huge, and UNISON members have shown that when they organise together, they can win!

Find out more about the campaign:

Pay Fair for Patient Care