UNISON campaigns to preserve the future safety of British meat

Proposed changes by the Food Standards Agency also risk the jobs of UNISON members who are integral to meat hygiene

Graphic showing meat carcasses and two workers

UNISON is speaking out against changes to the way British meat will be inspected in the future by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Changes under the FSA’s Operational Transformation Programme will include removing many daily onsite inspections, which not only puts jobs at risk, but also undermines the integrity of the meat that the British public eats every day.

UNISON national officer Paul Bell said: “No one should mess with our food. Our members working for the FSA and its contractors safeguard the food on our plates day-in-day-out. Ending daily onsite inspections for all but a few slaughterhouses could jeopardise the quality and safety of our food. The FSA needs to think again.”

UNISON has launched a new film on the issue (above), as part of its Protect our Food campaign.

The union is also urging members to write to their MPs in England and Wales, asking them to contact the FSA board chair, Professor Susan Jebb – seeking that these changes be paused and the FSA speaks with the workforce, its representatives and consumer groups about a plan that will modernise without losing daily onsite inspections.