Details announced for local government special conference

Committee believes it’s important for service group branches and activists to be able to discuss the issues faced and shape the work to come

Voting cards being help aloft at a UNISON conference

Today the national executive committee of UNISON’s local government service group announced details of the special conference that will take place this summer.

While the ongoing pandemic means that it is not possible to hold conference in the normal way, UNISON’s local government service group executive committee has agreed to hold a special conference online on Sunday 13 June.

This event will be different to the usual conference, but the committee believes that it is important to give members and activists a platform to discuss the issues the service group faces, and to use the union’s democratic processes to shape future work.

Motions should be submitted via the online conference system (OCS) and should follow one of two themes:

  • the impact of COVID-19 on pay, workplace terms and conditions, and mental health in sector;
  • The future of local government in a post-pandemic world, including organising and recovery in schools.

Motions will be debated on a virtual platform. Speakers will need to be identified and nominated in advance.

Further information on speakers will be sent to relevant branches when composites have been agreed. The conference bulletin will have further information on motion submission from the SOC, together with submission deadlines. Delegates should be registered as normal through the OCS.

The pandemic continues to place significant pressure on branches and activists. In such circumstances, it is understood that attendance at the conference may be affected.

After the deadline for branch registration has passed, an assessment will be made. If the quorum and/or rule book obligations on proportionality and fair representation are unlikely to be met, the executive committee, in consultation with the regions, reserves the right to postpone the event until it can comply with these obligations.