NJC committee to put pay offer to members

Consultation will allow branches and members to discuss the employers’ final offer – the best that can be achieved by negotiation

UNISON’s national joint council (NJC) committee met on 5 June, to consider feedback from regions and decide on next steps in the NJC pay negotiation process.

The Local Government Association has made it clear that it will not approach the UK government to request any further money for local government pay.

The committee therefore agreed to launch a full consultation of UNISON members on the final pay offer:

  • a 2.75% pay increase;
  • a one-day increase in the Green Book minimum level of annual leave;
  • joint work on mental health.

The committee had a long and detailed discussion about the pros and cons of the final offer in the current situation.

It is clear that the offer falls well short of what members need and deserve.

However, the committee also believes that we have reached the end of our discussions with the employers and so this is the best pay offer achievable by negotiation. After further consideration, the committee also decided that it would not make a recommendation that members should accept or reject the pay offer.

A full consultation pack will be sent to branches in the week of 22 June, and branches will then send key information to members and ask them to vote on whether they accept or reject the pay offer.

They will have around six weeks to make up their mind and discuss the offer with fellow members.